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cat fiadhaich [userpic]
by cat fiadhaich (cat_fiadhaich)
at March 27th, 2007 (05:55 pm)

I'm curious to know how people are going with their dresses considering the date and all.

Myself, well I haven't not progressed fair. I only managed to find decent fine waled (more like waleless) cord for my dress just over a week ago. A 15 metres lot off ebay dating to 1982. I've never felt corduroy that soft and the colour is one that people keep telling me I should wear more of. Personally I like my greens a little darker as it's a nice bright "sage" green.

How are people find the fit across the shoulder and bust?

For those who have gotten a further then i have what would you recommend to someone who is exactly between two sizes on the bust and has slim shoulders. Should I make the smaller size and tweak it a little or make the larger size and definitely do a small bust adjustment? I'm worried that the larger size will fall off my shoulders so to speak. I am going to do a muslin but am debating which to use.

I want to get this done. I would like to see a bit more noise in the community too in the form of seeing what others are doing cos I'm curious :)

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