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Jen [userpic]
My update
by Jen (jenlemus)
at January 2nd, 2007 (10:09 pm)

current mood: cold

I picked up the pattern a couple weeks ago.  It is straight forward relatively easy pattern, and unlined.  As this is a Vogue pattern, it does require some hand finishing.

I've got some stashed dark blue silk charmuse that's calling to me. I'd wanted to do it a lighter blue with dark accents, but the temptation to use my stash is overwhelming.  I'm going to pick up some complementary accent colors, and some silk organza to flat line with. The silk I'm using will be way too light weight for this dress without something to stiffen it.

I'm going to modify the pattern by inserting contrasting white or light blue kick pleats in between each panel, and have the neck lining match the pleats. Altering the pleats will be easy to do as the built in kick pleats are well marked on the pattern. With seperately constructed kick pleats the pattern would probably work better for stripes and plaids, which could be quite fun if I was in a stripey mood.  I'd thought of going *really* contrasty and alternate the panels between the two colors, but decided to tone it down. If I've the time and inclination I may do some embellishment on the pleats.  That would be quite pretty - the flash of contrasting color with a bit of detail showing as I walk.

This is going to be my "meet my boy" dress.  Hubby is currently overseas, and will be coming home for two weeks in March.  It will be great fun to wear this for going out in when he's home!